Teaching students the most important skill of the 21st century.


Mission & Curriculum

Our mission is to give every student in Ontario the opportunity to learn how to code. Introducing them to this skill-set will enable them to create with endless potential, and solve some of the biggest problems facing our province.

Ontario‚Äôs current curriculum focuses only on how to use software, rather than the technology behind it. We teach students in Grades 6-8 from local public schools how to code.  Our program consists of eight monthly workshops lasting one hour each, as well as extra credit assignments available in an online resource we've created for students participating in the program. It focuses on teaching students the basics of HTML and CSS, and has them create their own personal website and publish it on the web.

This program is currently being run at Holy Trinity School as part Young Engineers, and is set to be expanded to 15 schools in the GTA for the 2017-18 school year. 

See the curriculum in action by checking out the lessons page.



Inspire: To inspire students, parents and educators to put more of an emphasis on computer science and technology in education. 


Community: To create a community where students can help each other, teach each other, and don't hesitate to fail and learn from it. 


Build: To build an online platform for students to access lessons, extra resources and share their work.


Create: To create a hands-on and interactive curriculum that our students find engaging, inspiring and fun.